Wednesday, October 24, 2007

project ideas...

I am collecting objects that have no use, whose original purposes have been lost. By placing them in a new context, I am giving them a new meaning in relation to one another. “To renew the old world – that is the collector’s deepest desire.” (Walter Benjamin (Illuminations, trans. Harry Zohn) What a collection does to an object, is give it a new life. The objects have nothing to do with one another. Their only connection is that they have ceased to have a purpose.
The objects appear to be things that could be found in the street, on the beach, in your apartment, or anywhere. In other words, they could be viewed as useless junk. Throughout our lives, we accumulate trash, things that fill our rooms and apartments. These things reflect the passing of time- the more time we live somewhere, the more things we seem to aquire. These things, or “junk”, in some ways measure the passage of time. My intention is to show the passage of time with a visual recording of this “junk”.
When we look at these drawing, we try to put an order to the chaos. (Miguel Angel Ramos- “orden es una herramienta humana.”) We try to make sense out of what we see. The objects tell stories of the past or raise questions about the past. They refer to a time that has been lost, that will never be recuperated. With this, I hope to create a feeling of nostalgia.

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