Tuesday, November 20, 2007

participation requested

We live surrounded by objects. There are objects that we come across, that are found, given, or purchased. Some remind us of moments in our lives, like mementos, that carry stories. Some objects perhaps carry secrets. The object has multiple layers of meaning and significance- first, in the context of its primary and original function. Second, as the embodiment of its owner’s secret. The object has evolved from being a merely tangible thing, to being the embodiment, the physical form of the secret, story or mystery. But it can be any banal, normal, object- but it is its significance that makes it special to you. You view the object subjectively, looking past its physical qualities, to see a secret that no one else can see.

My project is to make a collection of drawings. I am requesting for people to give me, or lend me two things: first, an object that fits the description for the project, that is an object which carries a secret for that individual; second, an anonymously written account of the secret, placed in a sealed envelope. I will create a collection of secrets and their physical embodiments- the objects. The objects will be investigated, drawn in a highly detailed fashion, exploring the secret’s own container. Throughout this process of collection, I will give the objects a yet third layer of significance by placing them in a new context.

Although the secrets will remain unknown to me during the drawing process, an intimate relationship will be formed between myself and not only the objects, but with their secrets and their owners as well. By drawing them- it is a form of appropriation, of repossession, of renewal. I will appropriate the object, the embodiment of their secrets. I will allow myself to become intimately involved in their secrets, taking them on in my own collection. Because of the anonymous nature of the written account, the secret will remain hidden, it will remain a secret.

The drawings will be done on a large scroll of white paper- around one meter tall, and the length to be determined by the number of objects collected. The use of a scroll recalls the process of revelation and secrecy. It suggests the possibility of rolling it up, hiding the content from view, and the idea of revealing its images only in chosen company (like the Japanese scrolls). The sealed envelopes containing the written anonymous secrets will be opened and the secrets will be removed from their envelope on the day of the exhibition set-up. The written accounts will be hung in no apparent order, leaving to the viewers, including myself, the task of discovering and matching the story of the secret with its physical embodiment- the drawn object.

If you are interested in participating, please send me an email at juliarhyde@hotmail.com with the subject "secret project".

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